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Certified Sacramento Fitness Trainer

Personal Training in Sacramento and surrounding areas

Personal training in Sacramento is wide open for all sorts of workouts; but one thing that trainers see over and over is a resistance to strength training. For many years now, there has been an enormous misconception about strength training. In fact, many people simply don't do it, thinking that running on the treadmill or working on the stair climber is sufficient. Truth is, almost everyone — regardless of age or current fitness level — can benefit immensely from a little bit of strength training.

Obtaining personal training in Sacramento may be one simple way to overcome false impressions or fear regarding strength training. When you work with a personal trainer, you eliminate the guesswork and also the risk of injury that is present when you work out in a mega-gym on your own. Most people, when left to figure out strength training for themselves, either don't do anything at all; or they wind up with an injury. Given the ample benefits of working with weights, it pays to obtain information from a knowledgeable expert.

With personal training in Sacramento, you may also discover that you've held a misconception about strength training that is holding you back from fitness goals. However many publications have touted the efficiency and benefit of strength training, there are still far too many individuals who believe working with weights will bulk them up; give them more muscles than they know what to do with. This is absolutely a false impression. Engage in personal training in Sacramento and you'll learn very quickly that strength training provides extra fat-burning without putting on bulky muscles that you don't want.

Not only does strength training provide that added metabolic boost that is helpful to weight loss; but this form of exercise also enables individuals to maintain muscle mass as they grow older. The old adage "use it or lose it" directly applies to muscle mass. Through adequate training, using body weight, resistance or free weights, one can ensure that they continue to sustain muscles throughout the body. Additionally, where muscles are strong, joints are more protected.

With personal training in Sacramento, it is easy to find the right balance of exercise that will increase stamina, protect joints and muscle mass, and even manage chronic conditions such as arthritis or back pain and Osteoporsis. Give strength training a try; you'll be happy you did.

Certified Personal training areas served; Fair Oaks, Roseville,Carmichael, and Sacramento.