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Daily workout routines-Diagonal Lunges Exercises-Vypr Reach

Daily workout routines-Try diagonal lunges exercises with the Vypr and reach to end range of motion. Great for balance and proprioceptive responses.

Personal trainer near me-Alternating Lunges with Vypr Reach

Personal trainer near me-alternating lunges-Lunge forward and reach with Vypr to what feels like your end range of motion.

Fitness trainer near me-Lunges-Vypr Figure 8's

Fitness trainer near me-alternating lunges with Vypr-Posterior view-Anterior lunges with Vypr figure 8's

Gym trainer near me-alternating lunges-Vypr Figure 8's

Gym trainer near me. Front view- anterior alternating lunges with Vypr figure 8s.

Best personal trainers near me-Lunges-Vypr Figure 8's

Best personal trainers near me. Side view-Lunge forward rotating the Vypr in figure 8 patterns. Alternate sides.

Personal training near me-Neck Stretches and Release

Personal training near me. Neck stretches and soft tissue release. Using the Pilate ring right at the base of the skull where it meets the neck, I use the ring as a traction device. Then rotating my head in all different directions to release tension in the back of the neck and stretch and release the soft tissues.

Best home workout porgram-Neck Stretches and Mobility

Best home workout program- neck stretches and mobility. Place the Pilate ball behind your head like a pillow. Then apply gentle pressure into the ball with the back of the head. Move the head up and down rolling the head over the ball. Rotate right and left stretching the lateral side of the neck. Then rotate head to one side and at the end range of motion, nod your head up and down like you are saying "Yes". This releases the soft tissues in the neck and creates more mobility in the neck.

Fitness centers near me-Lunges-Squats-In A Cast

Fitness centers near me. Lunges and squats while wearing an arm cast. This is a great way to accelerate blood flow and healing.

Personal training-Hip Abduction with KIWSS Band

Personal training-Hip Abduction and Glute strengthening providing stability at the same time. Press leg away from center of body in an outward motion.

NASM personal training-Hip Adductor with KIWSS band

NASM personal training-Hip Adductor Strengthening using the KIWSS band. Move leg toward the center of the body. Going after hip stability and strength.

Gym near me-Hip Adductor Stretch-KWISS Band

Gym near me-hip adductor stretch using a KWISS band at the intersection of the hip and the pelvis creates distraction at the joint. Driving the arm laterally overhead feeds tension top down into the hip to create more mobility at the hip joint.

Weight trainer-Posterior Hip and Glute Exercise

Weight trainer-Posterior hip and glute exercise. Using the KIWSS band, Let the thick band stretch you forward and power through the kickback motion.

Best exercise for losing weight-Hip Stretch- Thrust

Best exercise for losing weight. Hip stretch and thrust. Using a KIWSS band in a true stretch I can achieve both mobility and strength. In this video I am showing an anterior hip extension with a power explode into hip flexion- great for runners.

Fitness near me-Rolling the Foot-Ball-Stretches

Fitness near me-rolling and stretching the foot with a racquet ball. Apply gentle pressure and roll from the front foot all the way to the heel.

Gym near me-Rolling the Soleus-leg stretches

Gym near me-Rolling Soleus muscles-single leg stretches in 3 positions to help with knee and foot function. Roll each area for about 3 minutes. The Soleus is below your Calf muscle and attaches to the bottom of the Calf muscle and it also attaches down at the Achilles tendon. Place 2 fingers horizontally across the leg just above your ankle bone and you will locate where the Soleus starts.