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A personal trainer in Carmichael for several years, Pam loves to educate clients about a wide variety of exercise and nutrition habits that will improve their lives. Here, we're going to take a look at just what Pilates is and why it is such a beneficial method of physical exercise. Just like Yoga?

As a personal trainer in Carmichael, this question is answered quite a bit. It is understandable that, due to the similarities between the two forms of exercise, that folks might mistake them for one and the same. In likeness, both yoga and Pilates aim to connect body and mind; resulting in a strong physique as well as a peaceful mindset even in stressful times. However, there is a difference as well. While both incorporate mat work, Pilates goes above and beyond to include work on specialized Pilates machines. Working with this highly skilled, Pilates certified personal trainer in Carmichael and surrounding areas, clients see their shape morph into the long and lean lines they love. Any person could successfully integrate both yoga and Pilates into their long-term fitness routine.

Being a personal trainer in Carmichael, Pam will attest that there are many forms of exercise out there. However, many of them — if done solely — overdevelop only one or a few parts of the body. In order to enjoy the greatest degree of well-being, balance is needed; and Pilates provides just that. The workouts this personal trainer in Carmichael engages her clients in are meant to promote balanced muscle development along with flexibility and greater range of motion. The fact that Pilates addresses several aspects of health and engages the mind, body and breath makes it ideal for rehab scenarios as well.

With this personal trainer in Carmichael, you will find that Pilates provides an incredible workout which results in more energy and an overall sense of well being. One thing that is so appealing about Pilates is that you can easily bring the exercises into your existing routine regardless of where you're at physically. Even if you haven't worked out in years, this personal trainer in Carmichael can get you moving in ways you never thought possible. Pilates movements may be modified in order to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels, from expectant mothers to new mothers to those in their golden years to elite athletes. This form of exercise is truly one for the masses.

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