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Free Ab workout - page 9

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Best balance exercises-Bosu Hip Raises

In a scissor leg position lift and lower your hip to the dome. It’s a great oblique work out. Enjoy but remember do not collapse into your shoulder.

Athletic fitness program-Bosu squats

Start in standing position then squat as if you're going to sit in a chair. Reaching hands forward help you sit into your "back butt". Squats on a Bosu to throw in buoyant stability challenges making balance and strength an integral part of the exercise.

Weight loss plan for belly fat-Bosu Bicycle Crunch

Lay face up on Bosu with knees bent and hands behind head. Rotate opposite elbow to opposite knee and alternate.

Certified athletic trainer-Bosu side oblique crunch

Lay on your side, hand behind head for neck support. Lift you upper body into a crunch and stretch back down. Side lying oblique crunch on a Bosu with cross legs. Stretching over the bosu between crunches creates side lying traction and pelvis to rib cage separation

Strength and conditioning trainer-Bosu side lying combo

Side lying on the Bosu try lifting the upper body while stabilizing the lower body. Then try lifting the lower body while the upper body stabilizes. Then side lying balance hold for 3 to 5 seconds.

Athletic trainer system-Bosu Balance with Foot Tracing

Using a Bosu practice single leg balance without touching the dome...with the opposite foot trace the dome. It’s OK to touch the dome if you need to for balance at first.

Healthy Weight loss-Hip Stretch with Rotation

After cycling open the hip by Crossing one leg over the other. Rotate in the transverse plane. The rotation helps to put the function back into the foot, ankle, knee and hip. When cycling your feet are in a fixed and Dorsiflexed position which makes the foot a poor shock absorber when getting off the bike and returning to walking. The rotation puts inversion and eversion back into the foot and ankle. Your knees will thank you for putting functional movement back into the feet and opening the hips..

Losing weight-Inner Thigh Stretch

This stretch is one of a three-part series for adductors or inner thigh. Externally rotate the foot and place hands in an overhead grip. Lean in to the tension and out of the tension. By leaning in and out of the tension you are creating an active stretch. The overhead grip position is fixed so as you lean forward you are pulling tension through the trunk of the body. From a top down perspective this feeds into the hip.

Physical trainer-Adductor Stretch with Trunk Laterally Flexed

Here is another way to open The adductor or (inner thigh and anterior hip. The upper body is laterally flexed in the frontal plane of motion while the pelvis is driven forward in the sagittal plane. Foot is externally rotated. Lean in and out of the tension to create an active stretch with your bodyweight mass and momentum.

Weight loss-Sacrum release traction lumbar spine

Position your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing forward. Position your hands in a forward grip and squat all the way down. This will release the sacrum and decompress the lower spine. Rotate the hips and pelvis side to side to feel the tension release.

Weight loss programs-inner thigh-hip stretch

This exercise is to open the adductor or inner thigh of the left leg. Rotate the trunk and fix the grip to achieve trunk rotation. This creates transverse plane tensioning in the hip. Lean forward going into the tension of the inner thigh. Come back out of the tension to achieve hydration. Motion is lotion! Keep your pelvis pointing forward. Left foot is externally rotated.

Bootcamp near me-Low back stretch

This is to release the lower back. With the left foot ahead of the right foot you will unload the left lower spine more than the right. Arm position is fixed and overhead. Lean back to pull tension through the trunk of the body. Add A pelvic tilt or pelvic rock. This is a wonderful stretch to release the lower back. Try both left and right foot forward.

Lifestyle coaching-Neck rotations with spine traction

Neck mobility is so important. How many people do you know who can’t look to the backseat of the car? In the true stretch you can position bilateral arms overhead and do simple neck extension and flexion and transverse plane rotation while the trunk is stretched and the shoulders are in flexion to gain degrees of motion and mobility.

Strength and conditioning-Hamstring and Anterior Hip Stretch

This is a two part active stretch. Position hands in bilateral overhead grip. Then pull back through posterior hip and feel tension in right hamstring. As you lean forward feel the stretch in the front anterior hip. Left Foot position is everted and heel is down. Due to the overhead grip you will feel tension stretch through the trunk.

Athletic conditioning-It Band Stretch

Bilateral overhead grip to pull tension through the trunk. Foot position is everted. Lean laterally into hip and feel the tension feeding into the hip both from the top down and the bottom up. Going in and out of the tension and imagining a rubber-band that gets pulled tight-lengthened and then returning to its original slack position. Motion creates and begets more motion. Don’t judge it until you do about 10. You should pick up degrees of motion and compare it to the opposite side hip.