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Free balance exercises - page 8

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Flexibility workouts-Hip and Hamstring Stretch

Secure thick tubing to something that won't move. Place tubing around leg high where the hamstring and butt come together. Push the hip backwards creating a stretch in the hamstring and posterior hip.

Stretches before workout-Anterior Hip Stretch with Tubing

Secure thick tubing to something that won't move. Place tube around leg high near groin area. Move the leg forward to create tension in the tubing. Then when the tubing pulls the leg backwards, you will feel the stretch in the anterior hip and hip flexor.

Pre workout stretches-Foot Rolling with Racquet Ball

Place the ball on the floor and roll foot over the ball from the ball of the foot to the heel. Follow each ray or toe from the front foot to the heel. Apply gentle pressure to the ball and roll slowly. There may be tender spots so be gentle and don't rip through the tissues.

Foam roller stretches-Rolling Soleus-Grid roller

Place the soleus over the roller and gently roll up and down. The soleus can be located by placing two fingers above the ankle bone. The Soleus is below the Calf muscle and above the ankle. Roll up the back in the center then roll the inside and outside of the soleus. The soleus is the master headquarters to all the muscles leading down into the foot. Mobilizing the soft tissues will help with foot shock absorption and calf muscle relief.

Wobble board exercises-Wobble Board Lunges

Place one foot on the center of the balance board keeping the board steady and flat. The opposite foot is on the floor. Lunge with the foot that is on the floor. Lunge straight down and up without moving forward and backwards.

Warming up exercises-Slant Board Ankle Squats

Facing downhill in a toed in position, squat into your ankles. This is great for skiing!

Stretching exercises for lower body-Achilles Tendon

Place on foot uphill on slant board then lean forward to stretch the Achilles tendon. Going in and out of the tension helps hydrate the tissues. Motion is lotion.

Exercises to improve balance-Balance Board Squats

Place feet on opposite corners of the balance board. Let your corners touch down so your brain knows where the begging and ending of the motion is. Then squat and try not to let your edges touch down.

Balance board exercises-Squats

Place feet parallel on balance board let your edges touch down so your brain knows where the beginning and ending of the motion is. Then squat and try not to let your edges touch down.

Bosu balance exercises-Lunges

Turn the Bosu up side down so the flat side is up. Place foot in the center. Balance with the foot that is on the Bosu and lunge with the leg that is on the floor. Overhead arm drives can be added for additional balance challenge.

Bosu ball ab workout-planks

On the Bosu you can use different planes of motion to create a reaction in the abdominals. In this demonstration I’m using a frontal plane leg driver. The dome creates a balance factor which also stimulates abdominal reaction.

Balance exercise equipment-Bosu-Mountain climbers

Prone mountain climber on a bosu ball. Using the legs as a driver in the sagittal plane. The dome creates buoyancy and balance.

Balance and strength exercises-Bosu planks

Prone plank on the Bosu. Using the legs as drivers in the transverse plane, internally rotate the knees. This creates a core reaction.

Balance workouts-Bosu Swim

Lift and lower opposite arms and legs. Don't touch the floor with either hands or feet. This is a prone exercise on a Bosu that activates the entire core. Swimming motion promotes balance and reaction time.

Exercises to improve balance-Bosu side lying core

This is a combination exercise. Bottom up use the legs to create a reaction in the core. Top down drive using the upper extremity to create a reaction in the core. Then combine bottom up and top down for buoyant side lying balance. Hold balance 5-10 seconds.