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Weight loss coach-lower body workouts-Glute roll

Here is a technique that I use with the vibrating roller to release the glute.The vibration creates deep blood flow and softens the tissues-this is an important part of any lower body workout.

Best fitness programs-Pelvic Rock with Thick Band

Place the band above the illiac crest. Rock pelvis in the sagittal plane to create pelvis to ribcage separation

Best workout to lose fat-Abs-Pilate ball

Stretch, strengthen and lengthen your core-Using a Pilate ball you will get traction and open space between the bones

Personal training-losing weight-myofascail release-mobilization technique

Here's a quick video showing some soft tissue mobilization techniques that can help with muscle injury and muscle recovery. If you have any nagging muscle pain, or injuries soft tissue flossing and myofascial release can really help restore function and mobilize the tissues and reduce pain.

Non surgical weight loss-Restorative care-water sounds

Water sounds clear and calm your mind. Restore, recover and repair- the 3 R's is part of a healthy lifestyle and self care.

Muscle building-Lunge with Vyper

Lunge forward at a 45* degree angle and reach with Vyper to the same angle and direction as the lunge. The reach is at shoulder height.

Weight lifting for weight loss man-Vyper Lunge

Lunge forward and reach with Vyper to same direction alternate sides

Hiit workout for fat loss-Vyper Lunge fig 8

Lunge forward then make figure 8's with the Vyper alternate sides. This is a posterior view.

Fat burning hiit workout-Lunge with Vyper Fig 8's

Lunge forward reach forward with Vyper and make figure 8's and alternate sides. This is a front view

Exercise to lose body fat-Lunge with Vyper

Lunge forward in sagittal plane with Vyper reaching in figure 8's. Alternate sides.

Best weight loss coach-Head Rolls Over Ball

Using a Pilate ball behind head push head gently into ball while rolling head over the ball up and down, right and left and then looking to one side holding at end range of motion stretching and nodding head up and down at end range of motion. This relieves tension in the neck and stretches all the soft tissues connecting into the base of the skull.

Exercise for neck-Pilate Ring Neck Stretch

Place the Pilate ring on the knobby part of the skull where the neck and the skull intersect. Move head all around to release the soft tissue in the neck. It's soft tissue hygiene.

Muscular endurance workouts-Hip Abduction

Attach a thick band to a wall or True Stretch machine, then step inside the tube and abduct the hip.

Stretch band exercises-Hip Adduction with Thick Tube

Secure the tube to something that won't move. Place band around the thigh high near groin area. Adduct the hip moving the leg across the midline.

Daily stretching routine-Adductor Stretch with Tubing

Secure the tubing to something that won't move. Place tube around thigh high near groin area. Once you feel tensioning in the inner thigh, laterally flex your trunk with bilateral overhead reach in the frontal plane.