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Free Cardio workout - cardio workout at home - page 6

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Exercise for weight loss at home-one word

My one word is: Enough-changing your mindset is the first step in weight loss.

Best workout-Lose arm fat-tricep overhead press

Lose arm fat-tricep overhead press. Reach like you are trying to get something off the top shelf that you can’t quite reach to get full extension of the arm.

Best fat burning cardio-set your goal

To have the best fat burning cardio- you have to set your goal-Have you set your goal yet?

Best exercise machine for weight loss-New Resolution

Time to get moving- choose your cardio and stick to your resolution-change your relationship to food and transform your life. Throwaway your holiday leftover food. Try gluten-free and dairy free options. You got this!

Best way to lose arm fat-Push Ups

Find your threshold of success. Ball push-ups are a whole body global exercise due to the stability challenge. Success begets more successful motion!

Weight lifting for weight loss-Supine Tricep Extension

Use gravity to your advantage. Bilateral tricep extension. Using dumbbells vs a bar to get each arm to work independently.

Best workouts to lose weight fast-Chest Push

Punch forward alternating the arms. Split stance in sagittal plane and rotate the trunk.

Exercise to lose belly fat for women-Ab Dolly

Here’s another great belly fat exercise to work on the neck to pelvis connection with an Ab Dolly!

Fat burning exercises for men-Bosu planks-push ups

Great fat burning exercise using the Bosu-planks with leg drivers and core strengthening push ups

Best exercise for weight loss-Lunge with Reach

This is a transverse plane lunge with external rotation, it’s a great core strengthening exercise. In this demonstration she is changing the foot position on each lunge to get a different whole body global reaction. The baton has tubing attached for extra resistance.

Fitness trainer-Scoliosis specific exercise

Here is an exercise specific to people with Scoliosis that can help with pelvis alignment.

Best exercises to lose stomach fat-Trunk Extension

Check out this video where we are showing how to do trunk extensions to get shoulder flexion and abdominal extension! In a seated position, place the ball at the low back for support. Then extend back over the ball and reach the arms to fully extended position. Change angles to create abdominal tensioning.

Fat loss workout plan-Hamstring Stretch-Pilate Ring

Check out this video featuring some active stretching with a Pilate ring! Start laying face up on the floor and place ring on foot. Bend and extend knee to create an active stretch. Stretching should be part of your fat loss workout plan-soften, lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

Best shoulder exercise-physical trainer-shoulder rolling

Here is a great technique you can use with a vibrating roller to help with shoulder mobilization! I am using tubing to create traction and tension at the end range of motion. Getting the vibration with the slack taken out is going to give me additional degrees of motion and mobility.