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Best workout to burn fat-shoulder rotations overhead

Wax on- wax off or jacket on jacket off shoulder exercise. Holding a dumbell with both hands, circle around behind your head.

Exercise for belly fat loss at home-Push Ups

Push up matrix using push up bars. Allows more depth in the push up and varying the hand position you create different reactions in the muscles. Try doing each one different.

Weight loss exercise plan-trunk rotation

Love the true stretch. Trunk rotation with relative rotation of the femur and pelvis

Fastest weight loss exercise-back row

Lawn mower.... great exercise for your back muscles and core.

Fat burning workout for men-single arm cable

This is a whole body chain reaction. Cable overhead press with trunk rotation. Sagittal plane foot stance. Great integration of muscles which from a functional movement standpoint makes more sense than isolating muscles which confuses the body.

Exercise weight loss-stepping toe taps with tubing

This exercise is for the abductors. Using resistance tubing at the ankles strengthens the outer thigh, butt, low back and abs. Side step in sets of 16 reps or steps and 20 reps for the Tic Tock (toe taps)

Best workouts to lose weight fast-Trunk rotations

This is a whole body exercise. Using the arm as a driver laterally reach from knee to overhead and externally rotate. This creates trunk rotation and in this demonstration a weight is used to create tension and load. Feet are in a sagittal plane stance which prepositions the pelvis in such a way that the load will be different on the facets of the left side of the spine vs the right. The chain reaction goes down to the hips, knees, ankles and of course the feet. The chain reaction also goes up through the thoracic spine, neck and head. Test the exercise with no weight to gage range of motion and balance.

Weight loss exercise-bilateral shoulder reach to hip

This is a transverse plane rotation with bilateral arms pull down from shoulder to hip. Weight is on left leg allowing the right foot to pivot internally rotating. This is a whole body global motion. I’ve shown it in a mirror so you can see the 3D Movement.

Exercise for weight loss-lat pull with tubing

Rubberized tubing is another way to weight train. Different color tubing represents different amounts of weight. Some are equal to or more than 100lbs! Alternate cable pull downs on a machine with pull downs using tubing. It’s a great workout and easier on the joints. Start with your arms extended and pull down toward your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Use a slow rate of speed to feel the motion and connect your mind to the muscles.

Best exercise to lose weight fast-pull ups

TRX pull ups. Suspension training is another way to get the proprioceptors (which are the brain of the muscles) firing. You can use your legs and glutes to assist with this exercise. Women over age 40 lose upper body mass and strength by 16-40% if they are NOT weight training! So ladies, get cracken’!!!

Weekly workout plan for weight loss-anterior spine

Open the anterior spine on the yoga wheel. So many times we think of our spine being on the back side of the body. The conversation I want to bring to the party is what about the front side of the spine? If everything is an integrated continuum then we must see its contribution to the total functionality of the trunk.

Best back exercise for weight loss-Spine Stretch

Overhead reach with cross lateral reach at chest. Creates tension in trunk with stretch between shoulders. Foot on step unloads lower spine. Add rotation to create active stretch in the whole spine.

Best weight loss exercise-hanging traction-True Stretch

Hanging traction in a True Stretch with pelvic drivers. Feet on step to control body load. Pelvic drivers create motion in the trunk while hanging creates tension in the trunk tissues and traction of the spine. Removing your feet to a free hanging position creates more tension and more traction and is more advanced. This is restorative to the function and health of your spine.

Best exercise to lose weight-lateral flexion-rotation

Lateral flexion with transverse plane rotation opens entire side flank and feels amazing!

Gym machines to lose belly fat-Bosu Planks

Bosu planks with leg drivers in all 3 planes of motion to integrate whole body global motion and bigger reaction from your abs.