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Dumbbells workout - free - video - page 4

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Exercise to lose fat-single arm pull down

Opposite side left foot forward right arm pull down. Different foot position changes the reaction of the muscles. Start with your arm extended then pull down toward your chest. Rotate your trunk and look over your shoulder. Where your eyes go, the body will follow.

Fat burning workouts-single arm cable pull down

Single arm cable pull down with trunk rotation in a standing position allows a whole body global motion as an integrated continuum. Not segmented or isolated. Start with your arm extended overhead and pull with rotation toward your chest. If you look over your shoulder with your eyes, you will get a bigger range of motion.

Squats for weight loss-wall ball squats

Place ball on wall. Place the ball in the small of your back. Find the sweet spot where the ball feels like it fits. When squatting push your hips backwards like you are going to sit in a chair. You should feel your weight in your heels. Push through your heels to stand up. Use weights for additional resistance.

Workouts to lose body fat-ball-ham curls

Heel digs-ham curls on the ball works posterior chain (hamstrings and butt) and core strength

Gym workout plan for weight loss-leg press

Changing the angle of the leg press changes the reaction your muscles have due to gravity

Beginners gym workout females-double leg bridge

Double leg bridge. Very different muscle reaction from the single leg bridge shown previously. This exercise is for stabilizing the muscles in the low back and posterior chain. Lift your hips high without arching your lower back. When you lower down don't touch the floor-hoover and then lift again.

Weight lifting to burn fat-inner thigh exercise

Side lying inner thigh exercise using ankle weights above the knee for resistance. This demonstration shows two different ways to activate your inner thigh or adductors.

Best home exercise equipment-dumbbells-booty buster

On hands and knees, place weight at back of knee and lift using your butt muscles. This exercise targets your butt muscles and helps tone and lift the bottom of your butt cheak for a perkey appearance.

Simple exercises to lose weight-single leg bridging

Bridging strengthens the posterior chain and low back structures-try not to touch the floor-hoover and lift up again.

Lifting for weight loss-posterior deltoid with tubing

Here’s an anterior view of the posterior deltoid exercise using tubing

Hiit workout to lose weight-cross lateral shoulder

Frontal Plane-Cross lateral reach at overhead. Allow the hips to translate through space. Start with weights at shoulder height then push to overhead. Alternate sides.

Weight loss workout plans-overhead shoulder Raise

Frontal plane overhead shoulder raise. Get your hips grooving with this one! The more you move your hips, the more reach you’ll get. Start with weights at shoulder height and push overhead laterally.

Belly fat burning workout-posterior overhead shoulder raise

Overhead posterior shoulder raise. Here’s another example of how you can get your core muscles to turn on when you stretch up and back. Reach over your shoulder, posterior and feel the extension of the trunk.

Best belly fat burning exercises-rotate over shoulder

Transverse plane reach over shoulder exercise. If you play racquet sports this is a great exercise. From a functional standpoint it is a great exercise to strengthen the shoulder plus core work because the trunk is rotating. Reach your arm over your shoulder and rotate trunk. Tip: pivot on the toe to reach around easier.

Weight loss without exercise-foot ankle motor skills

Happy Feet! Opposite toe and heel lift. Works balance and foot steering along with agility.