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Better than Jane Fonda workout - page 3

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Body for life workout-Hip stretch-balance workouts

Body for life workout-hip stretch-balance workouts-After cycling open the hip by crossing one leg over the other. Rotate in transverse plane. By rotating you also open the foot and ankle which restores balance and functional movement back into the foot. Your knees will thank you for it.

Workout gyms near me-hip adductor stretch-flexibility workouts

Workout gyms near me-hip adductor stretch-flexibility workouts-This is an active stretch for the inner thigh. Externally rotate the foot and position the hands and an overhead grip. Lean forward to create tension. By positioning your hands in an overhead fixed grip you’re creating tension through the trunk of the body. From a top down perspective this feeds into the hip.

Home workout for women-back stretch-best exercises

Home workout for women-back stretch-best exercises-Position your feet forward and shoulder width apart. Position your hands in a forward grip. Squat all the way down. Rotate your pelvis side to side. This stretch is to release the sacrum and the low back

Personal training programs-adductor stretch-best inner thigh workout

Personal training programs-adductor stretch-best inner thigh workout-Position your foot in an externally rotated position. Rotate the trunk and position hands horizontally. Lean forward into the tension.

Best personal trainer near me-low back traction

Best personal trainer near me-low back traction-Position left foot forward. This will release the left side of the lower spine more than the right. Hands are overhead in a fixed grip position to create traction. Pelvic rock to distract the low back and feel the release of the lower back.

Personal training studios-True Stretch-neck stretch rotations

Personal training studios-True Stretch-neck stretch rotations-How many people do you know that cannot look to the backseat of the car without turning their whole entire body? In the True Stretch position your hands in a bilateral overhead grip. Gently rotate your head side to side to get transverse plane rotation. This is done with tension in the trunk of the body. This exercise should help you to pick up more degrees of motion in your neck.

Personal fitness trainer-hip flexor stretch with rotation

Personal fitness trainer-hip flexor stretch with rotation-Opening the hip flexor in the transverse plane. Lean forward into the tension stretch in the front hip. Position hands overhead to create tension stretch in the trunk which feeds top down into the hip. Add transverse plane rotation with an arm driver to get the top down transverse plane reaction into the hip.

Burn thigh fat-hip stretch with rotation

Using the true stretch to go after the hip, foot, ankle and knee. The bottom platform is positioned in such a way that it everts the foot. Add transverse plane rotation to evert and invert the foot. Rotation is also occurring at the ankle knee and hip. This transforms the bodies ability to absorb shock in gait or walking.

Workouts-losing back fat-Cable Close Grip Row

Losing back fat-cable close grip row. Foot position is “toed in” to get different muscle reactions

Weight loss exercise at home-low back stretch

In a doorway unload your lower back by lifting the foot off the ground and then rotating the leg to the right or anterior. Then laterally flex and rotate the spine. This unloads the facet joints in your lower back on one side.

Gym exercises for weight loss-back exercise-row

Cable standing close grip row and externally rotated foot position. Foot variables change the global reaction to the exercise.

Weight lifting for weight loss-cable back row

Standing close grip row. Allows the pelvis to glide through space. Think whole body global motion. Let your arms extend out to end range of motion to stretch the muscles then pull toward your belly and squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Best exercise for fat loss-lats-wide pull

In this video I am doing a wide grip cable pull down but I am tweaking the foot position to a toed-in or internally rotated position. This creates a different muscle reaction from the ground up. Feel the chain reaction.

Lose fat workout-cable wide pull-back muscles

Standing position- cable wide pull down. Allows your pelvis to glide along an axis for a whole body global motion.

Workout for weight loss-single arm pull down

In this video I changed the foot position to left foot forward. This creates a different global reaction from the bottom up. Try it but more importantly, feel it!