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Free chest and tricep workout - page 13

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Olympic weight lifting program-Flat bench chest press

Flat bench chest press vs incline bench press. Question was: “What’s the difference between the two exercises?” Answer is: incline bench works upper chest and flat bench works more of the medial chest. Both are going to activate the shoulder as part of the movement in these two exercises.

Functional fitness training-Bilateral triceps extension

Lay face up on bench. Start with arm extended overhead then bend elbow and lower weight toward your head. Careful to NOT hit your head with the weight. Use gravity to your advantage. Bilateral triceps extension. Using dumbbells allows each arm to get strong independently

Functional gym-Alternating chest push on a ball

Lay face up shoulders and head on ball. Alternating arms, chest push on a ball. Turns into a whole body global exercise. Core work, posterior chain and balance.

Functional training gym-Punch Forward/Trunk Rotation

Using tubing at shoulder height, alternate arms punching forward with trunk rotation. Use rotational exercises to get abs to react! Alternate foot positions.

Best exercises for losing weight-Single arm push

Standing in split stance and using a single arm to push the cable weight forward. This is a whole body chain reaction.

Best cardio to lose belly fat-Ab Dolly

On forearms and knees. Roll out to 45* angle and rotate head opposite side direction. Here’s another great exercise to work on the neck to pelvis connection with an ab dolly!

Cardio exercises to lose weight-planks/push ups

Here’s some great core burning workouts that you can do with both sides of the Bosu. Planks with leg drivers, push ups then push ups with single leg drivers.

Fitness-weights-Shoulder Reach with Lunge

Using a baton attached to resistance tubing reach and lunge in an externally rotational transverse plane motion. This is a total whole body global exercise and great for the abs!

Functional medicine training-Scoliosis Traction and Assisted Mobility

Here is an exercise specific to people with Scoliosis that can help with alignment. The assisted traction and stretch helps achieve better tensioning through the connective tissues.

What is functional training-Shoulder Mobilization with Traction

Here is a great technique you can use with a vibrating roller to help with shoulder mobilization! The tubing creates traction and the vibrating roller helps with mobilization and circulation.

Functional communication training-Pelvic To Ribcage Separation

Standing with tubing positioned above the illiac crest then rock pelvis in sagittal plane to separate the pelvis and ribcage. It's supportive traction.

Fitness near me-Pilate ball side lying traction

Fitness near me-Side lying lateral extension with a Pilate ball placed between rib cage and iliac crest to create traction. This traction creates pelvis to ribcage separation. The arm drivers are in different planes of motion create more tension into the trunk and to create more mobility into the spine. This is a dynamic stretch to help you open up your spine for more mobility.

Balance training workouts-Balance Board Squats

Stand on the balance board let your edges touch down on each side before squatting. This will prepare your proprioceptors. Proprioceptors are the brain of the muscle which tells your body where you are in space. Then try squatting without letting your balance board edges touch down.

Functional conditioning-Diagonal overhead reach/external rotation

Start with toes pointing straight ahead then reach overhead and rotate until you feel abdominal tensioning. Changing the foot position to a sagittal plane externally rotated foot position can take up some of the slack in the trunk and you will change the chain reaction globally. You will feel the abdominal tensioning sooner.