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Functional fitness workout-tubing side step/tic tocks

Ankle tubing side stepping(16 steps) and tic tocks (20 toe taps). Repeat 3-5 sets. This exercise is for Abductors(outer thigh) and great for glutes and low back. Resistance bands are a great way to keep muscles firm and toned.

Functional workout-Shoulder external rotations

External shoulder rotations. This is another whole body exercise using an arm driver from knee to overhead and in this demonstration a weight to create tension and transverse plane rotation in the trunk of the body. This feeds motion down to the hips, knees, ankles and of course the feet. The Stanse is sagital plane so different reactions occur in the front foot and back foot also because the pelvis is positioned in a rotated position it has to then create different load variables in the facets on the left side of the spine and the right side. Thoracic spine is also in rotation along with the head and neck...start with no weight to test range of motion

Functional range conditioning-Resistance tube-Wood Chopper

Using resistance tubing anchored high on a wall split your stance. Bilateral pull down from overhead to hip with transverse plane rotation standing with body weight on left leg and allowing the right foot to pivot internally rotating. This resistance tube workout is a core workout but includes whole body global motion. I’ve shown it in a mirror image so you can see the 3D Movement

Functional fit exercises for the back-bilateral pull

Exercises for the back. Top down bilateral pull using resistance tubing. Squeeze shoulder blades together. Standing position toes pointing forward. Use slow speed and full range of motion.

Functional training workout-TRX-Inverted pull ups

Inverted pull up using a TRX. Suspension training is another way to turn on the proprioceptors(which are the brain of the muscles). They sense things like, tension, load , speed, elastic recoil and much more. Women over age 40 lose 16-40% upper body mass and strength if they are NOT weight training.

Functional movement training-stretching the anterior spine

Opening the anterior spine on the yoga wheel. So many times we think of our spine being on the back side of the body. The conversation I want to bring to the party is, what about the front side of the spine and it’s functionality to the anterior chain? Everything is an integrated continuum and not segmented, therefore the anterior spine and its relationship to whole trunk is the critical piece in its total functionality.

Functional strength-Stretches for lower back/thoracic spine

Stretches for the lower back and thoracic spine. Over head reach creates tension and length in the trunk. Opposite arm is cross lateral at chest which creates tension stretch between shoulders. Foot elevated on step unloads the lower back on one side. Add trunk rotation to create active stretch in the thoracic spine.

Functional training exercises-Lateral flexion/transverse plane rotation

Lateral flexion with transverse plane rotation creates active stretch in the whole side flank.

Functional core exercises-Hanging Traction with Pelvic Drives

Hanging traction in a True Stretch with feet on step. Then adding pelvic drives to create trunk motion. This motion stretches the tissues of the trunk while hanging creates tension and traction in each vertebrae of the spine. With the feet on the step you can control body load. Taking the feet off the step to a free hanging position is more intense. This is very restorative to the health of your spine and soft tissues.

Best exercise bike for weight loss-Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling workout 4min blocks

New functional training for sports-My one word

My one word is enough. What's your one word?

Functional fitness program-Bosu Planks with leg drivers

Forearms on Bosu then drive legs. Use a Bosu to integrate whole body global motion into your planks. Add leg drivers in all 3 planes of motion to get a bigger reaction out of your abs

Functional weight training-Dumbbell-Triceps overhead press

Dumbbell tricep workout. Triceps overhead press. push off your toe and reach like you are trying to get something off the top shelf but you can’t quite reach it- you will get so much more range of motion plus you integrate other muscles. It’s a win-win!.

Functional training program-Set Your Goals

Have you set your goal yet? Think about what you want the most. Create your own wish list. Then one by one check every thing off. Remember it's all the little goals that lead you to the big picture end results.

Weight loss program at home-Eating/learned behavior.

Eating is a learned behavior. Change your relationship to food and transform your life. Try gluten free and dairy free options.