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Free shoulder and leg workout - page 11

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Weight lifting programs-Double leg bridge

This is a double leg bridge using a bench. Works posterior chain. Very effective way to strengthen the glutes which support the low back.

Weight lifting routine-Side lying inner thigh

Side lying inner thigh exercise using ankle weights positioned above the knee. Demonstrating two ways to strengthen the adductor.

Weight lifting workout plan-Single Leg Bridge

Lay on your back, knees bent at 90* degrees and heels on bench. Point toes toward the ceiling. Lift hips into bridge and squeeze glutes, then lower down but don't touch the floor all the way-lift again. Bent knee bridging is a great way to build strength in the posterior chain and supporting low back structures.

Weight training program for women-Booty Busters

On hands and knees-place dumbbell behind knee and lift leg posterior. Squeeze butt at top of motion.

Strength training program for women-Posterior Deltoid

Here’s an anterior view of the posterior delt exercise using resistance tubing.

Weight training program-Rear deltoid exercise

Posterior shoulder exercise great for stabilizing the shoulder and maintaining good posture. Keeping elbows out and parallel with shoulder while retracting the rear deltoid.

Weight lifting classes-Shoulder Cross Lateral Reach

Cross lateral reach at overhead. Allow the hips to translate through space with the shoulder overhead reach.

Weight training routines-Frontal plane shoulder raise.

Frontal plane shoulder raise. Get your hips grooving! The more you move your hips the farther you’ll reach.

Cardio strength training-Overhead posterior shoulder raise

Overhead posterior shoulder raise. Keeping elbows slightly bent reach overhead and (posterior) behind you.

Weight training workout plan-Internal reach over shoulder

Shoulder home workout-Transverse plane reach over shoulder. If you play racquet sports this is a great exercise. From a functional standpoint it’s great training for shoulders

Beginner weight training routine-Dumbbell shoulder workouts

Dumbbell shoulder workouts-Wax on-wax off-or jacket on-jacket off-shoulder exercise

Beginner weight training program-foot and ankle mobility

Opposite toe and heel lift- balance and foot steering. Promotes balance and coordination.

Beginner olympic weight lifting-Push ups with handles

Push matrix using push up bars. Allows more depth in the push up and by varying the hand position you get more responses in the muscles. Try doing each one differently....

Functional training-rotation of the trunk

Love the true stretch to translate functional rotation in the trunk while getting relative rotation at the femur and pelvis.

Functional strength training-Lawn mowers-rows

Lawn mowers... great exercise for strengthening your back. Stretch reaching down. Pull up to hip and squeeze back muscles.