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Athletic fitness program-Upper back stretches-thoracic spine

Upper back stretches-thoracic spine stretch. One arm reaches overhead creating traction. Opposite arm rotates internally in the transverse plane opening the thoracic spine and posterior shoulder. Placing one foot up on the step creates unloading of the lower spine.

Certiffied athletic trainer-foot and ankle stretch

Using the true stretch to go after the foot ankle knee and hip. The bottom platform is positioned in such a way that it everts the foot. Add the transverse plane rotation to add more foot function everting and inverting the foot. Rotation is also occurring at the ankle, knee and hip. This active stretch transforms the bodies ability to absorb shock in normal gait or walking.

Strength conditioning-Exercises for unloading lower back

Exercises for the back. In a doorway-Unload your lower back (left foot is off the floor and leg is rotating to the right or anterior) add lateral flexion and rotation to the spine for this active stretch.

Weight lifting to burn fat-Cable row

In standing position reach an pull. Fully extend your arms then pull toward your belly and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Feet are externally rotated. Variable foot positions change the whole body chain reaction to the exercise.

Certified strength coach-Cable close grip row

Standing cable row close grip and “toed in” foot position. This creates whole body global motion and chain reactions.

Strength and conditioning specialist-Standing Close Grip Row

At shoulder height, close grip row done in a standing position to allow the pelvis to glide through space. Think whole body global motion.

Strength coach-Straight arm lat pulldown wide grip

Straight arm lat pulldown with wide grip cable machine workout and I have tweaked the foot position to a toed in position. This creates a different chain reaction in the muscles from the ground up.

Certified strength and conditioning coach-Cable Pull Down

Start with fully extended arms then pull down toward your chest and squeeze your shoulder bladed together. Cable wide grip pull down in a standing position allows your pelvis to glide along an axis for a whole body global motion.

Strength and conditioning coach-Cable single arm pull

Left foot forward stance but pulling with opposite right arm. Rotate the trunk while pulling the cable weight down to the chest. Let the opposite stretch in the thoracic spine occur when extending the reach back up.

Strength and conditioning coaching-Single arm cable pull

In this video I have changed the foot position to left foot forward. This creates a different global reaction from the bottom up. Try it and feel the difference.

Best strength coach-Cable single arm pull down

Single arm cable pull down with trunk rotation in a standing position feet parallel, hip width appart and toes forward.

Certified functional strength coach-Ball hamstring curls

Single leg heel digs on a exercise ball. Use your heel to drag the ball to you and then push it away activating the calf, hamstring, glutes and core.

Lifestyle coach-Ball Double Leg Hamstring curls

Double leg heel digs on the ball works posterior chain (hamstrings and butt) and core strength. Keeping your hips up while driving the ball back and forth with heels driving down into the ball and toes pointed up to the ceiling.

Fat burning cardio workout-Ball squats

Wall ball squats. Try using weights for additional resistance.

Beginner weight lifting routine-Seated Leg Press

Seated leg press using a selectorized cable machine. Push with feet to a straight leg without locking your knees. Changing the angle of the leg press can change the reaction your muscles have due to gravity